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I've been lookin around here periodically for the past few days, readin posts that I thought might apply to me and my acne. I'm new around here, but I thought maybe someone could shed some light on some things that I've been wantin to know. I'm in my very early 20's and I've had "moderately-severe" acne for a few years now... it's just been in the last year or so that it's gotten severe. I've tried several different things like Proactive, Tazorac, Retin A, as well as all kinds of antibiotics. Right now, I'm usin the Glytone kit twice a day, which works somedays and not others. And yeah, it's dried the hell outta my face, but it's nothin I can't put up with. I haven't used any moisturizers as I don't know any safe ones to try out. I don't eat alot of sweets. I drink from time to time. I shower regularly. I sleep on my back. And I don't have acne anywhere else on my body other than my face.

I'm probably gonna start ClearLight treatment in a week or so. I've heard good things, but we'll see about that. I was just gonna see if anyone would have any suggestions after hearing a bit about what I was doin. Any response is welcome.

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Well, have you heard of Dan's regimine. If you go to acne.org, just click on the regimine. I think that it helps mild to moderate acne more effectively, or at least quicker, but I know that it has also helped a lot of people with serious acne that not even accutane could fix. I have mild acne and am currently on it for 2 weeks and have seen significant improvement. As far as your habbits, like not eating sweets etc., it sounds to me like your doing all the right things. This leads me to this that its probably hormonal, but im not an expert so its just my opinion. And finally, one of the best moisturizers is Eucerin Skin Renewal 15SPF. Anything else just ask, but Im sure others will respond with more detailed answers!

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