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My Azelex/Aloe Vera Journal

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After trying Dan's Regimen, I've realized my skin is far too sensitive to use BP over long periods of time. My skin is sensitive and DRY. The only time my skin feels oily is after excercising due to sweat.

Right now I have about 3 cysts in my chin region and various other small red marks/zits around my chin and little spots elsewhere. Blackheads cover my nose, but are not very visible so I tend to ignore them.

So here I am starting an Azelex/Aloe Vera Regimen. Last time I used Azelex was after a different session of BP really broke out and burned my face. The Azelex was all free samples though and I eventually ran out and switched to something else. As for the Aloe Vera, I need something that will help clean up all of my scaly skin and red marks because my moisturizer isn't quite strong enough. Anyway, here's what I'm doing (generally speaking):


Shower, wash my face with Cetaphil

Pat Dry, apply Aloe Vera to trouble areas

Wait 5min for Aloe to dry

Apply Neutrogena moisturizer


Wash face with Cetaphil

Pat Dry, apply Azelex to problem areas

If needed, apply Aloe or moisturizer

I might apply some sulfur mask occasionaly to cysts, etc. because it always tends to help a bit.

My skin is so DRY AND SCALY right now it hurts. I have a particularly RAW spot above my lip that refuses to stop feeling like sandpaper. Grr... everytime I go with BP it burns me. Hopefully this will clear things up.

I started tonight so we shall see how this goes. Cheers!

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Guest TylerD

I was just curious about the Azelex. What exactly is it and what does it do. What are the main ingrdients in it. And also can you buy it as an over the counter medication or is it prescribed by your doc. Im sorda going through the same boat as you. My acne is clearing quite nicely but my skin is so dry now its getting to be pretty bad with the flakes and stuff. So I apologize for the sudden questions that i have to ask lol but I am just curious. Thx alot and hope this works for you. peace.

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Azelex is a prescription topical that contains %20 Azelaic Acid (?). It's sort of a creamy white stuff that I believe acts as an antibiotic. If BP is working for you, then you don't really need to consider Azelex. I've switched to it as my main acne fighting topical.

For the flakes and stuff you might want to apply the BP only once a day and moisturize morning and night. Just find what works.

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I'm using this stuff called Aloe 99 that I got from the drugstore. It's just a 99.9% aloe gel.

I have heard that Azelex causes some people to itch... my face was a little irritated the first couple of nights that I used it. However, after those first few days my face has tolerated it very well.

I CHANGED MY MOISTURIZER: I have changed my regimen a bit. I am now using Cetaphil moisturizer (the kind that comes in the little plastic jar) because it does a MUCH MUCH MUCH better job at moisturizing my face. The squirt bottles of neutrogena and cetaphil both are way to thin to moisturize my face to the extent I needed. This Cetaphil in the plastic jar is awesome.


The first few days my face was still very flaky and red, but my regimen was slowly working on it (I could tell). By the end of the week, my face was no longer flaky. Most of my cysts and red marks have cleared leaving me with only a couple of visible red marks. Besides that, my main problem now are the little bumps/whiteheads around my chin and edges of my face.

The clearing so far is great though--and thus I start week 2 ( :

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