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Moisturiser with SPF

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Apologies if this has been asked 1000 times before..

I'm looking for a non-greasy, non-comedogenic moisturiser with an SPF of around 15, that's suitable for sensitive skin with fairly mild acne.. but which is also quite oily.

I'm in the UK, so really need to find something that's available in the UK (shipping from overseas is uaully really high). Ideally, I'd like to be able to walk into a shop/pharmacy and buy it, rather than buying over the internet.

Any advice would be muchly appreciated smile.gif

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For anyone who may be interested..

A couple of people over on the general acne board recommended Dove spf 15 lotion/cream, but I couldn't find it sad.gif

I did find a Neutrogena moisturiser though.. Neutrogena Visibly Refined moisturiser spf 15. This stuff contains retinol and glycolic acid, so I thought I'd give it a go, as I like their visibly refined face wash.

It should have been quite expensive though.. £9.99 for just 30ml.. but they only charged me £3.99, for some bizarre reason! It'd have to be pretty damn good for me to pay £9.99 for it anyway, so we'll see how it goes.

I also got Garniere Pure A daily treatment moisturiser, with Salicylic Acid.. which doesn't have spf, but I've heard a few people in acne.org say they like it.. so I thought I'd give that a go too. Maybe alternate the moisturisers from day to day and see how it goes smile.gif

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oo yer iv been lookin round for a spf moisturiser. i bought clean and clear's moisturiser but it hasnt got an spf. what u think of the neutrogena one? iv never really been a fan of neutrogena's products (apart from their foundation which is fantastic!) also is there any other moisturisers u can reccomend ? thanks biggrin.gif

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I've only used the Neutrogena one a couple of times, to be honest.. seems ok though and doesn't make my skin greasy, or too dry smile.gif

A moisturiser I really like, is Superdrugs Vitamin E Moisture Lotion.. it's cheap, not greasy and does a good job! biggrin.gif

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