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Carley's Clear and Smooth works for me

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I have tried many different types of over-the-counter medications. Products that have been most effective for me over the past several years has been Acnomel BP 5% gel, and Panoxyl 5%. As for online ordered products that worked for me: Proactiv and Carley's Clear and Smooth.

What I have found with the case of the two 5% benzoyl peroxide products is that when I start using them after a long period of not using benzoyl proxide products, they work very effectively on a morning and bedtime application routine (using any salicylic acid facial wash). The problem was that after couple of months, they didn't work as effectively as when I started. So I would go and try something else and after a few months of non-benzoyl peroxide products, I would revert back and they would be effective for a couple of months again. Did not like that inconsistency.

Always saw those Proactive commercials, so I decided to give it a try. This product worked great. Three-step routine every morning and night and my skin became clear and stayed clear (with an occasional flare up here and there). I used that continuously for approximately 14 months. But then the fact that it could only be shipped from US at the time (i'm in Canada and duties/handling/taxes always added at least $20 to the price) and was rather costly for my financial situation at the time (university costs so much), I stopped and went back to over-the-counter products searching for something that would work as well and as consistent - to no really substantial success.

I only just graduated from university in April 2004, but since middle of 2003 having worked a couple of co-op terms I was in a better position to afford Proactiv again. But I decided I would see if I could find anything else online. Then one day on eBay, I just decided to search acne and found Carley's Clear and Smooth (they also have their own website: http://www.no-acne.com). Now as I'm sure you're all aware, eBay has their feedback system, and they just has so much positive feedback, so i read through a few of them that were actually feedback regarding the product effectiveness as oppose to the transaction satisfaction. So, I decided to try it.

They recommended washing with it once a day and then using a mild soap the other time. The problem is that they also say a lot of products would counteract the effectiveness of their product. So I figured, "what the heck, I'll just use it twice a day anyways". Bottom line: it works great. I leave it on for half a minute at most and then I rinse. So I used that continuously for 8 months and then the money situation again. Back to over-the-counter products.

Finally, in April 2004, I'm done university and already have a full-time job lined up. But elected to try out other products (ie. products that contained shea butter with african black soap, etc...etc...). Nothing really worked that great. Come November 2004, I'm thinking, "Christmas is coming soon. Screw all this experimentation crap. Back to Carley's Clear and Smooth." So I have been using it again since end of November and my face was clear all throughout the holidays and now. I never have more than 2 or 3 minor pimples at any one occasion. The best thing of all is the simplicity. Just wash and you're done. No multi-step routine or anything.

Details of my current routine:


Carley's Clear and Smooth (apply and massage gently for 10 seconds and leave on for another 20 seconds and rinse thoroughly).

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 (I use a moisturizer because my face gets really dry outside in the winter and you should use sunscreen protection when using benzoyl peroxide. Product link: http://www.aveeno.ca/en/products.asp?pid=20)


Carley's Clear and Smooth (apply and massage gently for 10 seconds and rinse off right away).

Note: I take morning and evening showers and I always wash my face as the last step before stepping out, so that no shampoo or conditioner or anything else is left on the face. Also, I don't use Carley's Clear and Smooth on Saturdays, I just let the showers run against my face for a minute or so (but I still use the moisturizer in the morning). My face gets oily and I have always had a more oily face, but I still use the moisturizer anyways because it's good for me. The key is to not touch the face throughout the day and I don't even wipe the oil unless it's very excessive. My thought is, oil helps push dirt out, and if you touch your face then you press things back against the skin. That's why I like washing my face in the shower because the water rinses the face off first, before I touch with the cleanser.

That's my story.

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