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I've been using the regimen for about 7 weeks and I'm now almost 100% clear (just a few scabs and red marks left). I started off using special soaps but found that using just regular Zest worked fairly well after your skin adjusts to the dryness. Also, after about 3-4 weeks I completely cut out moisturizer because it wasn't really helping I found and after that I started seeing everything clear up.

Things I modified about the regimen to suit myself (only me, you have to see what works for you)

Only put BP on at night (put on ALOT)

Never EVER pick at zits unless you can for sure pop them (this is so important)

Never pick them unless your putting on BP after

Ditched the moisturizer

keep clean shaven

Around week 3-4 I was getting bad breakouts worse then before I had started the regimen so I was pretty angry but after a while it all started to fall into place. I'd get a breakout every so often but I'd clear very quickly usually overnight and now I haven't had one in about a week so things are looking pretty good.

A couple things I picked up along the way; tea tree oil seemed to really help my nose (my nose was really oily and had many blackheads), having stuble made things alot worse (I think it soaked up extra BP and caused irritation). Also the most important thing was to not pick, and also drink lots of water.

PS. Thanks for this regimen Dan.

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