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Question about ACV Toner

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I bought the ACV and mixed it 1:1 in an old bottle and I have been using it for about 2 weeks now. I havn't seen much improvement, maybe I just havn't noticed, but my question is...

My regimen is:

Wash face w/ Johnson & Johnson Purpose Wash

Put on ACV with cotton ball

Wait 15 min.

Apply BP

Wait 5 min

Apply Eucerin Daily Renewal SPF 15 Lotion

Is that ok? or should I be using the baking soda as well to achieve the same effect. I don't see a problem with dryness or anything, but does the ACV not work if you dont use the baking soda with it?

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you should wait 20 mins after bp to make sure its in your skin before putting on that spf

youve been using it for two weeks.. you should be going up every couple days.. 50 water 50 vinegar.. then 60 vinegar 40 water.. till u use all vinegar.. this is what i do and its very effective

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thanks for responding, but my question was, Do i need to use the baking soda/water along with the ACV or is it ok if i dont do that and use the ACV twice a day? Will I get the same results and benefit the same or is the baking soda necessary for this regimen to work the best? Do I have to do Baking soda/water and ACV in the morning and the egg white mask at night to make my red marks fade the best. Or is it ok if i do Cleanse -> Baking soda/water and ACV or just ACV in the morning and night?

Also, is it ok to leave the ACV on my skin without washing it off? I'm fine with just letting it dry and havn't seen any problems.


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u dont have to do the baking soda/water thing with the ACV if u dont want to. If u want to do the ACV twice daily, then do it. The prupose for the baking soda is to genetly exfoliate the skin before applying the acv. U can just use any cleanser or exfoliator if u want.

No, baking soda is not nessasary if u dont want it becuz like i sed before, its purpose is to only exfoliate which u can do wwith any one u like.. but baking soda is the most genetlest and wont clog u up. U can do the baking soda + ACV whenever u like, morning or night it doesnt matter, but if u do the baking soda/AVC in the morning then do egg white at night or vise versa.

And yes, it is okay to leave the ACV on all day (better to do it at night n leave it on overnight) BUT only leave it on if ur skin CAN HANDLE IT SO U DONT WAKE UP WITH A NASTY RASH! tongue.gif

i hope i cleared up some of ur questions tongue.gif

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