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Well i've given BP and SA tries... only way they actually help my acne somewhat is if I apply it massively, like 2-3 times a day in both cases and not only is it annoying to put on, they also make my eyes burn after a while and my face gets terribly dry and flaky.. makes me look like a lizard with scales. And it never completely goes away, I always get new pimples and if I stop it even for a few weeks the acne gets really bad again.

I really want to try accutane, but my mom won't let me. She has a friend whose son went nuts over it and has all kinds of mental problems, at least she blames it on that. I've already got two noticable scars on my face and probably more that just haven't shown yet... I know if it was my mom's face that was going to look all nasty and scarred the rest of her life she would go on accutane, but anyways... I can't get accutane since it needs a prescription and she won't take me to the doctor or allow me to visit one and get it. Grrr!

Accutane as I understand it is a derivitive of vitamin a? Does anyone know how I can get ahold of the active ingredient in accutane in a non prescription form to use? Will regular vitamin A found in all those vitamin supplements do the trick? I want my acne to go away for good or at least find a treatment that actually works well.. I hear a lot of success stories about it.

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