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Hey everyone. I am sooo aggaravated , disappointed, sad, etc. Monday I will have been on minocycline and tazorac for 4 weeks and I thought it was doing a good job. My face still looks real bad though, i have gotten a few new zits and I have a lot of red marks. I am not sure if today helped the worsening of it. I ran a 4.4 mile race in like 25 degree weather in a huge snowstorm (I live in the northeast). When I got home and took a warm shower and then took a 2 hour nap when I woke up my face to me looked bad again. Is a month really too early to have seen results? I'll be on the mino and tazorac for 3 more weeks until I go back to the derm. I hope this gets better, I think I am going to ask for sccutane I hope he gives it to me. Oh yeah has anyone else seen a worsening due to weather or is it perhaps a figment of my imagination?

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Tazorac did nothing for me. I've thrown two tubes in the trash. How many times have you seen a derm for your condition? You may need to go through the time of trying a few things to see what works for you. Good luck.

P.S. And yes, as unfortunate as it is, it does take time. Be patient.

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My first time ssing thederm was a month ago and he prescribed the tazorac and minocycline. (This was my first time at the derm as the acne just started in probably Sept. (i am 22 female). Before seeing the derm though my dr had prescribed doxycycline, retin-a micro, benzaclin and Renoza and nothing seemes to work although I was probably on each of those about a month or less.

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