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So I am in accutane now for a month, and I asked my derm about old acne marks , if there is anything that can be done while on tane.

He said Vitamin C might help, so he asked me to take two 500 mg pills per day.

I am actually taking 2000 mg pills per day, since I smoke and I read that the upper limit approved for vit C is 2000mg and smokers should always take more than the normal dosage.

I am not that worried about me taking high dosage , since unlike vitamin A (accutane), there is no "toxicity", but I was wondering if vitamin C will really help at all.

If so wouldn't everyone take it and not use any other procedures?

Has anyone else taken vitamin C supplements to help with their old acne scars?


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Vitamin C supplements are very unlikely to help with SCARS, but they may help with your red marks and with wound healing for current acne and any scar procedures you decide to undergo. Vitamin C can also help with active acne.

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If your doctor said vitamin C then i think that you have red marks (PIH), I crush vitamin C up into a fine powder and mix that up with some zinc and vitamin A in a green tea toner which is great and seems to be fading marks and gives me a nice glow and soft skin.


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Thanks ppl.

My derm is really strange, before I went on accutane and was on antis, he gave me retinoids(vitamin a) based creams telling that if you use if for an year, you will see significant improvement since it contiously makes skin grow itself and will minimize scars.

Now I am tane and I cannot use those creams, so he tells to use vitamin c pills since it boosts collagen.

He is a real beleiver in vitamins smile.gif.

So once I am out of tane, applying retinoid creams + eating vitamin c pills should be a powerful effect based on his logic.

Anyone else know about that. He tells this will not produce immediate results but used for over an year, it will be a very remarkable improvement.

Maybe he is smoking pot, but I was just curious if anyone here used this for an year plus,

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my derm prescribes me vit c too...!!! hehe... for my scars... she also said it aids collagen production... but she gave me vit c fluid instead, to apply all over my face... used it up and don't intend to replenish it until i visit her again in a month... cos it's not cheap... i take vit c supplements anyway... 1090mg/day... tongue.gif

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