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what worked for me!

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hi everyone! i just wanted to share with you all what finally worked for me. i went into drug store the other day looking for something i havent tried yet (which wasnt much) and there was a very helpful girl who reccomended that i try clearasil ultra vanishing cream with 10% benzoyl peroxide. i feel like i might have used this years earlier but i decided it coudlent hurt to give it a try and i saw results immediatly. now i finally have clear skin, although i still have a few scars that i cant get rid of.

just to tell you a little bit about my skin: i started breaking out when i was about 13 and i am 21 now. during that time i dont think my skin was ever clear. i never had cystic acne or anything but my face was always full of pimples/blackheads/whiteheads. it is also very sensitive, so anything the dermatologist gave me (retina-a and a few other things that i cant remember) seemed to make the problem worse. i had been using the neutragina bar for normal skin and differin gel for a while and that didnt clear up my skin but it didnt make it worse either.

i really wanted clear skin because i didnt want to live with acne for the rest of my life so i went shopping for new products and an employee at the local drug store gave me the clearasil cream saying that it seemed to work for her friend, and if it didnt work for me i could return it for my money back providing that i didnt use half the tube or something. i was a little skeptical of drug store prodicts because at this point i thought the only thing that could help me was something that a doctor gave me, but this girl seemed to know more about my skin than my dermatologist did! so i tried it and it works great and i am so happy now! i also use cetaphil to wash my face now because my skin is so sensitive and it is much milder.

anyways, i just wanted to share this in case it helps anyone else. this board has been a huge help to me in the past! good luck everyone biggrin.gif

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You must be the first person who got clear from a Clearasil product smile.gif . Anyway I'm very glad you are clear right now I hope you will enjoy your clear time.

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