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right ive been left with red marks after accutane

seen all the posts about how baking soda works...

but there was that many posts i found it difficult to get a clear picture of what i have 2 do

so its baking "SODA" NOT powder...?

its not no special baking soda or anything, i can simply get baking soda from the shop?

i jst simply mix the baking soda with water?

once mixed with water how do i know when its ready to put on 2 my face?

do i just smear it on the troubled areas and then after a couple of mintues wash off?

is there anything else thats a good worker, if there is, can sum1 clearly state what i need and how much of what is needed, if not can sum1 plz deffo answer the naking soda, as i finished accutane yesterday and iam dying to see the results everyone else has achived on my own skin


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BICARBONATE OF SODA (baking soda).

you can get it from any supermarket. ive just started using it. im suprised your asking these questions cos it so easy. just add a little water to about a teaspoon of powder, so its a paste, it isnt "ready" you just put it on your skin and massage your skin like you would with a cleanser or a scrub.then wash it off.

this isnt rocket science tongue.gif

ive used it twice so far and ive noticed it makes my skin really smooth.

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hahhaa im sorry, its just im soooooo weary of what put on my skin right now as i only came off of accutane yesterday, and wanted to make sure i did everythhing correctly as in other topics people are saying add this, add that, i used baking powder etc..

so by making a simple post some like urself has reassured me on what to do

which im thankful for! wink.gif

u say it has made ur skin "look" smooth, is this tempory? or does it actualy smoothen ur skin?

has it done anything for ur redness if any redness?

was u on accutane or nething? are u on nething now?

thanks smile.gif

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im not sure if its temporay or not but my skin feels smooth, and look mostly smooth, my skin is uneven and a bit mottled from acne but i think its a little too soon to tell if this has helped. ill let you know if it does. ive never been on accutane no. i use bp wash to keep my acne away now(im clear now)

using this bicarb is idiot proof so try it! wink.gif

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