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Hey guys im clear finally!

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Sorry peeps, its been a while since I posted on here, probably about 7 months. But anyways, when I first posted here, I was like most of you guys.....shy, unconfident, and no will to go out anywhere. But luckily through the help of Accutane and plenty of patience, I finally made it through. In the time since I posted here, ive gone through my ups, and downs, but now I can honestly say im in the zone I want to be. Im not completely clear, and im fine with that, but im where I wanna be right now and have the confidence to do things I would never before. LIke talk to girls!! Join school plays, and perform better in my normal activities.

So yeah, just wanted to mention that and remind you guys to NEVER GIVE UP!! No matter how much lives brings you down, you gotta stay up and fight the fight!!


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Congrats, bud. Oddly enough, that was exactly what I did when I got clear: talked to the ladies, joined a couple of a theatre productions, etc. Hope you stay that way, and keep your head up. smile.gif

Here's a current pic of me about a week ago. Two and a half years clear and counting...

user posted image

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thats awesome man biggrin.gif so glad to hear that youre doing well. it IS a long haul getting clear, even with accutane there are so many ups and downs, i cant agree with you more! but thanks for sharing your experience and your success, and for being encouraging! ENJOY your clear skin, you deserve it! all the best! - Lisa

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Hey people, I never said I was COMPLETELY clear, in fact, im nowhere near clear IMO, but I am in the zone where I want to be. Im fine with not have a babyface, and I have plenty of red marks on my cheeks, but im fine that, and i have a lot of confidence now, and even though still got small amounts of acne, girls dont even notice it. The truth is, I think confidence makes up alot more than looks, and im prime example of this.

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