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Facial Hair while using bp ?

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for the responses everyone... I wasn't looking for a solution to the hair problem, but thanks for your hair removal suggestions. I was just wondering if anyone else out there had noticed that baby fine hair near the sides of their face were bleached by bp too. Again, it's not that noticeable on me..........unless you are right in my face. I've attached a pic showing an extreme close up of the face to show you what I am talking about. I'm not going to do anything about it since it's not noticeable if you are just a normal distance away...........talking to me. I posted another pic next to it to show you that it isn't that noticeable unless you point a camera a few centimeters from my face. Excuse the "up the nose" shot on the farther away one. I am also totally greasy by now, since I last washed my face at 8am and it's now 11pm here. I just wanted to post these so the men out there who keep posting pictures of razors see that I am not Santa.......just have tiny baby white hairs.

So NOBODY out there has had this problem with bp bleaching then ?

I don't think it's even that noticeable, really, so I wouldn't worry about it unless you wake up one morning with a beard. :lol: Then it may be cause for alarm. But they're only little hairs, nothin' to be ashamed of anyway. :) I've been using BP a while (since before I started the regimen) and I haven't noticed any bleaching of hair on my face, but I am paranoid about getting it on my eyebrows and hairline and waking up the next morning a partial bleach-blonde. :P

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Hey im new to this group and i was just wondering if you can help me out a lil and tell me about this regimen.. what it is and if its been working for you ...i would really appreceate it:):):) thanx;)
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I noticed more facial hair too. I thought it was because I was getting older 30 in June :( I epilate my face once a week. I been on bp for 5 years.

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