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Dan's Regimen + Delna's Red Mark Removal

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Ok, I started Dan's Regimen and Delna's Red mark removal treatment exactly 3 days ago and have been getting excellent results. For Dan's regimen, I am currently using proactiv BP (had it from earlier), cetaphil antibacterial cleansing soap, and cetaphila SPF15 moisturzer. Information on delna's treatment can be found here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=35135

This is when I started both treatments:

user posted image

3 Days Later

user posted image

user posted image

My skin is dry in the second picture because I took it after putting on BP (causes my skin to get dry)

Great progess so far, IMO.

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In the morning:


cleanse face with cetaphil anti-bacterial soap

exfoliate w/ baking soda + water mix, wash off

apply 1:1 apple cider vinegar:water toner to face

wait 10 minutes

wash face w/ warm water

apply BP (in my case i was using proactiv, but have ordered BP gel)

wait 5-10 mins

apply a small amt of cetaphil SPF15 moisturizer (my skin get oily with too much, and too dry with none)

At night


apply egg white + lemon mask (whipped till frothy)

wash off after 10 mins

apply BP

That pretty much the routine Ive been going through.

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Guest TylerD

WOW lol man u look great after only 3 days. Damn thats awesome. Ive been on my regimen for like over a month now and its going very slowly haha. Congrats. But I do have one question for ya. How much Bp gel are you using in the morning and at night?? Like fingures wise. Do you use a hole fingures worth or just half?

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Hmm.. I know this is going to sound weird, but could you post a pic of you WITH your eyes? When I was looking at your picture, I was actually confused for a second. You see, the thing is, from what I can see of your face, you look EXTREMELY similiar to me. Your nose is nearly identical to mine. I also have "big" lips like you. Your ears are slightly different, EXACTLY how mine are. Your eyebrows are also nearly identical to mine. It's just...weird..lol

Do you happen to have anyone related to you with the last name Matthews? Wescovich?

Do you have Cherokee blood in you?

lol, sorry for being weird...

Edit: Just wanted to add, you look like I did about 2 years ago, when I wore glasses, before meh contacts...



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yeah i'd love to see these pics as well. im wondering, since this regimen and all these comments are a year or more old now if any people who used it are still around on the boards? did this regimen clear your skin completely? how long did it take? what exactly did you do? ect. i'm on my second day of treatment and i think i'm seeing improvement.

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