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I always get acne on the side of my face on the jawline. Keeps coming back. But it's itchy for some reason... Maybe it's an allergic reaction to something??

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I get acne all over, including my jawline, and for some reason, it's itchy for me too! The only thing that I find helps is dabbing some calamine lotion. All those other otc antiitch creams don't help me. The itchiness can go on for several days. The jawline is the only place where I find acne itchy. It is so annoying. eusa_doh.gif

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oh my god i had the same thing this august...mine disappeared though when i did this...

i used pure black soap to wash the area

then i applied a dab of pure shea butter to the area...its unique because ya only need a dab for like the whole face and it melts with your body temp...i got em from nasabb.com plus it was hecka cheap to get that itchiness away....but yeah if ya dont get the soap PLEASE get the shea butter and only use a SMIDGEN like the amount of half of a pinhead...i think mine had to deal with hormones or something, because ive noticed ALOT of women had the same problem we have...i still get lil pimples and a few cysts which are disappearing thanks to the regimen, but before it was just covered in cysts and itched like i had fallen into poison ivy...that was pure hell *shaking head*

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Okay, I hear you, but whenever I get one of those subterranean pimples (probably either known as papules or whiteheads), they drive me nuts! I know that pink calamine lotion doesn't look very good, but it's the only thing that's very affordable and works, but sometimes I have to apply a lot. This other place online is not workable for me to buy something from, since I'm from Canada. I have completely given up on products outside Canada, it's just too expensive, even with the decent exchange rate right now. The cost at the door is just too much.

Off topic: Oh, how I wish Dan's bp gel would be distributed in Canada! Proactiv is a rip-off and PanOxyl, the only brand I can find in 2.5% anymore (where did the 2.5 percents go anyway??) is extremely irritating. Neutrogena on the Spot is another rip-off, unless you consider paying $9 CDN for one ounce a good deal. And especially if you use the amount recommended in the regimen.

Sorry, I'm venting a bit. eusa_hand.gif

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