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As predicted hunter-gatherers know mother nature

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I believe the hunter gather diet & acne connection is valid but jumping the gun and making conclusions like

So the cordain research on hunter-gatherer populations about acne is valid.
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Don't even try. Mel is here to make himself think he likes nature (though he STILL hasn't denounced technology and moved to a jungle). In other words, he'd love nature until the rain came down.

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Ummm, the tribes weren't the only ones. There were telltale signs like the water lowering during high tide. Lifeguards on a couple of beaches caught it and closed them all off before the waves hit. It has nothing to do with instinct, the tribes, like any sane person living near the ocean, knew something was wrong. I bet a fisherman in Newfoundland would have caught it also and I don't see him flinging crap with the monkeys.

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I understand your point Mel, intelligence is good and all but yeah you'll find our other in built defence mechanisms will save us 99% of the time if we chose to use them no matter what the situation.

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There were also mass strandings of pilot whales right before the Tsunami hit. Researchers say they knew something was to come. Nature is fascinating!

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