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desperate desperate question..

ok so i have basketball practice at 10 am tomorrow. should i do my normal regimen at about 8 o clock then go to practice (SWEAT A LOT), or should i just go to practice without washing my face then do the regimen once i get back from practice..

IS it bad to sweat a lot like an hour or two after you do the regimen?

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do it after practice.. Sweating can cause the BP to run, just wash your face when you get up, go to practice and when you get home do the normal regimen

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Whoa whoa whoa......

I could be wrong here, but I could've sworn I saw somewhere on here that Dan answered a similar question for someone. I wish I could find the link, but I can't.....but this is what I remember.....

Once you wait the fifteen minutes after you put on bp, it has done everything it will do that washing could ruin. Bp just creates oxygen, and acne bacteria cannot exist in oxygen. Bp works for eight hours, and as long as you give it enough time to seep in, you can't "wash it of" or "sweat it off".

I got to the gym, and this is what I do. I do my morning regimen, wait a bit, then head to the gym. I sweat a lot (duh) but as soon as I'm done, I run straight to the locker room, wash my hands, then I wash my face with just water (to clean the sweat off) After that, the water DOES was off the moisturizer, so I reapply that when I get home.

Then, at night I do the normal night regimen. I've found this routine really helpful. And as I said, I go to the gym almost every day.

This makes more sense because if you apply when you get home, then when you get to bed, you are reapplying in such a short time frame. This would prolly irritate your skin. ALSO---applying so late in the day makes you have bp on your face for less time....you'd be going all night, then all day into the early afternoon without an acne treatment. I'd think this would make you break out even more.

Sorry for the long response. I hope what I said helps. tongue.gif

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