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I've decided to be proactive about scarring

So heres the deal. The breaking out is totally slowing down now, and of course everything is trying to heal. I thought I would try to limit or stop the scarring as best I could. I know you can use Hydroquinone while on the 'tane but what about something like Maderma which contains Allium Cepa Bulb Extract Onion. It actually says it works for light acne scarring and is 100% money back guaranteed - so even if it doesnt work im not losing too badly. Anyone used this while on the 'tane? This stuff is supposed to help prevent scars as well, during the healing process. Im sure I should ask my doctor but you know how doctors are- and he's so damn busy.

Also, what about topical vitamin C? Good? Bad? where would one find it?

I can now see the pre-tane scars and its bad enough that I have those, which I was unaware of entirely before tane because there was always blemishes hiding them. And now I see these red things, some a little puffy and it saddens me, there must be a way to at least HELP it.

bad day I guess, I am pissed at myself for always picking off the dry skin that covers the healing blemish - Im sure this isn't helping things. I think I do this without even realizing it too.

Anyways, anyone have any input on this?

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Isn’t hydroquinone a natural type of bleach or is it just included in some bleaching products? If you decide to take the plunge, please remember to post all the details. Just about everyone here is interested in doing whatever it takes to heal their scarring during Accutane treatment.

I’ve been taking Ester-C vitamins daily since I know that Vitamin C is supposed to reduce redness and scarring but I haven’t tried applying it directly to my face. Again, if you do, keep us posted. I didn’t search very far but I found this website that sells Vitamin C cream called Complex C. It also contains collagen. http://www.complexc.com/main2.html If you don’t want to buy online, I am sure that any health food store carries something similar.

A way to get rid of dry skin with little irritation to the area is to use scotch tape. When I’ve used it, I noticed that it seems to exfoliate the top layer as opposed to what your fingers or water can do. Also, Klaron gel helps speed up the drying-up/healing process. This helped me tremendously during the forehead breakout of Halloween.

I don’t think a lot of what you are describing is scarring, however. It sounds more like hyperpigmentation. I had a red, puffy thing a few months ago and my body has almost completely absorbed it. I can still feel it under my skin, getting smaller every day, but it isn’t even visible anymore.

As an aside, under a similar post from Boston, I told her I was taking Thiosinaminum pellets that I ordered from http://www.elixirs.com/products.cfm?productcode=S56. Guardedly Optimistic said that she was using these and thought that they could be part of the reason her scarring was less obvious. It is a holistic drug that claims to dissolve scar tissue and it’s relatively cheap.

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Ester -c must be in capsules then right? I just wonder if its safe or OKAY to apply vitamin C to your face while on 'tane. Because if it is, I would rather go by the ester c caps and try that first before investing 40 dollars into topical vitamin C. Or try to mix the ester C in w/ some cetaphil or base lotion/cream and give that a try. Hmm, this might get interesting.

I read up on Mederma - not great results w/acne scarring.

But yea you're right, what im experiencing is definitely hyper pigmentation but I just wonder whats underneath the red stuff - scars?!?!

And yes Hydroblahblahbla is a fading cream/bleach. You can use in while on tane but I don't want to fade yet - I want to rebuild tissue and assist in healing you know? And obviously the lack of healing is because the immune system is shot - and thats just why we need vitamin C. I take it daily - not ester C although I probably will start - but just regular C - twice a day.

I think vitamin C is the way to go, maybe i'll just call my derm and ask if its safe or not. I'll keep you posted and thanks for all the info.

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Good going Msdominatus.

I am also struggling thro the same issues as you are sad.gif.

I tried using hydroquinone based creams (glyqin-xm), but it works only if you use it for 2 months twice a day. So I ran out of patience. Also I have a feeling that it made by red marks regions even more red, maybe caused by tane plus hydroquinone combination reaction.

So I have stopped it for now and will talk to my derm about it when I meet him, he initially "approved" it.

But it would be worth you giving a shot cas your skin might react better to it than mine smile.gif.

Other than that I am drinking lots of lemon juice which is half of (juice + vinegar method), do not know if it will help that much.

My derm told me one thing that should be good hope to many . He said smile.gif "Vitamin A products have been traditionally used as scar treatments and you are taking accutane, so do not worry that much about scarring from the new pimples"

Now he may be wrong, but it sounded good in my ears when he told it smile.gif

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