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Pours and sweat glands

I'm in week 3 of my second accutane treatment (going through the initial breakout).

I'm wondering if tane has an effect on our sweat glands. For the past 3 days, I've been drinking lots of water and after my work out hit the sauna in the gym for a really good sweat.

It feels really good to "detox" a bit and bring moisture through the skin. I'm not sure about the science of it, but I'm hoping it opens my pours and speeds up the process of extracting the junk to the surface of my skin.

Has anyone else considered this?

Let's get over this breakout phase! I'm ready for clear skin damnit!

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I miss my motivation to go to the gym. Where did I put it???

Even though I'm not there, I attempt to recreate the sauna scenario in my bathroom. I've noticed that if I have a few killer cysts, the pores will usually loosen and allow some of the oil and blood to come out. I did this often during my initial breakout and realized that it didn't exactly stop the breakouts but it did alleviate some of the pain caused by the pressure of the cysts.

I'm not sure if or how Accutane would effect your sweat glands. It could possibly just be a reaction to the water your drinking and perhaps you are pushing yourself harder at the gym...

Good luck. I hope this time you get the results you want. And, Happy Freakin' New Year!!!!

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I love saunas, if I had one at home I'd go in it everyday, I swear! Did you know that Scandinavians (I think Finland, in particular) invented the sauna, and that it was a beauty device even back then? Ever wonder why they're known for their gorgeous skin. Women go in saunas before they go out on dates or other social events, because it's supposed to be sooo good for your skin...gives you the glowy, healthy look. They have a saying that women look the most beautiful after they've stepped out of the sauna!

Anyways, haha. I can't see how it'd be a bad thing, it'd probably help your pores clear out faster, I agree. I've thought about this before on Accutane too, since I've read that people use humidifiers in their rooms at night to help with their dry skin... well a humidifier is basically a mini-sauna creator, right. Geez this has all made me wanna go to the gym and sauna. wink.gif


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I've never been on Accutane but i thought the whole point of it was to smallen your pores and reduce oil production ?? eusa_think.gif

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