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Nose all red and fucked up

I have some very mild acne over my cheeks, chin and some on my back. Just a small zit every now and then, not to much bother.

But my nose is all fucked up, it also doesn't get much zits, but its all RED. And there are lot of black/whiteheads (I can't really tell).

In the beginning of my BP regimen I thought it helped against it, but it didnt, it just looked a little better (all white from the fuckin BP is better then all red).

Anyhow, I'm currently back on my BP regimen since some weeks or so, and it feels a bit smoother, but it's still all red.

I've read here about apple cider vinegar, and all kinds of products. I live in sweden so if any swedes, or other people with knowledge about the products availible here, in other cases easily obtained things such as baking soda and the likes.

Whats the deal with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, what do they do? and do they have any other effects?

Ultimately, I'd be willing to try almost anything to get rid of this redness, as long as I know of the side effects..

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Just to let you know the BP is causing the red marks to stay longer, this is a known fact. As for the baking soda it exfoliates the skin and the ACV restores the natural pH balance.

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