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Mr X

Advice- Going on the Real Regimen

Ok here goes

I have been kinda trying the regimen for about 6 months and when i say kinda its because i haven't always been using the stuff dan recommends at the right time eg in stead of a basic soap i have been using a combination of scrubs and cleansers at the same time etc. However, even with this i have seen really really good results with my acne but my skin has looked kinda battered at times. I came across on another thread the use of Baking Soda and ACV and decided to give that a try, for the first while my face looked alrite nothing great but then suddenly in the past few days it has began to be irritated with burning and itchyness etc.

As i posted on another thread i work outside in the harsh winter weather and when i got in last night and looked in the mirror before washing my face it literally looked like a tomatoe, it was sooo red all over i could not believe it. It made me annoyed because all this time i had been trying to make quite good skin look excellent and now it had all backfired and quite good skin was now horrific.

I decided last night to stop with all the scrubs, ACV, Baking Soda etc and just use Dove Sensitive and BP like Dan basically does, before i went to bed i threw on tonnes of moisturising cream due to the burning and the redness. When i woke up today it has gone down slightly which is good. My forehead however, looks really bloctchy and still redish, so basically what should i do

Should i wait a week or so and just use soap and moisturising cream and then start the Regimen? or should i just carry on with the BP knowing that the irritation must have been caused by the Baking Soda?

Any advice would be really appreciated?

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By this time your skin should be accustomed to bp, so I would hazard a guess that it is something else you are using, or perhaps the combination of them with the bp. I think it's safe to get on the regular regimen at this point. Of course if your skin is looking horrible and swollen or crusted, stop the bp as well.

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