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Making light of acne

Sometimes when I think about funny little analogies about acne, it helps me make light of it a little bit, and every little bit counts when your dome is messed up because of tane...

for instance I picture accutane like the mafia walking into the sebum shop that is taking away from their business and trashing the place or making the shop pay them protection money which in turn lowers the shops ability to expand its business. when a business can't expand or be profitable it eventually dies, and when the shop aint distributing sebum, so does acne...

This may cause you to question my sanity, but it's my way of dealin with this shit

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Guest Brandon

haha you've thought about this lot.

I think of acne like that whack-a-mole dealie. They pop up and you try and kill the suckers!

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I've always had an image of carpet bombing them when I applied any topicals. 'course, it never actually worked and stuff never blew up.

The other thing was something called Base-Delta-Zero. But you'd have to be a total geek to know what that means.

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My face is like a series of volcanoes, sometimes they erupt, sometimes they don't.

Diet is like mans futile effort to somehow control these eruptions or minimise them, but in the end, nothing works.

Medicines are also futile, vocanoes run deep. Creams may help in the short term, but underneath theres a giant mudderfukk* brewin.

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