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What is Needling, and what are fillers?

I am new to this board. I am posting because I have concerns over a large depressed scar on my face, in the cheek area (about 1 inch "southeast" of my left eye). The scar is in the frontal cheek area (the front of my face more than the side).

It is a depressed scar... indented, that is. It is actually the result of three small pimples over the course of my life that all occurred in that area and so now the scar is rather large (over a centimeter in size).

What is the best procedure to elevate this scar? Is needling the same as subscision? because I heard that is the best...

But what about fillers, or dermabrasion?

How about topicals, like Mederma?

I hear so many different things on this board...

also, what are rolling scars?? is that the same as a depressed scar?

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Thanks Pete for your help. Out of curiousity, what sort of recovery time am I looking at for injections? A few yeras ago I saw a surgeon who suggested the following procedure for my face:

1) Fat transfer injections, which would then cause me to have mosquito-bite like bumps on my face..

2) A month or two later dermabrasion.

Is it possible to just have the injections, and how long would I need to take off work before it looks "normal" again? i dont want to go in with black and blue marks all over my face... hah. I figure for dermabrasion and all that, I would just need to quit my job for 3 months before I look normal again (ie: not bright red or pink...)

that is the most frustrating part of all this scar fixture stuff.. sigh.

Large indentations are best treated with a filler either permanent or temporary its your choice.

Aquamid is an example of a permanent filler, costs about $1000 per syringe which should be enough for your scar.

Fat is another filler which doesnt have the potential side effects of synthetic fillers but the downside is its difficult to predict how long it will last, anywhere from a few months to indefinitely.

Excising the large indentation with a scalpel is another cheap option costing a few hundred dollars and usually works well leaving a thin scar in place of the large indentation.

Needling is a new procedure aimed at inducing collagen by inserting needles attached to a roller into your skin. Being new, the effectiveness of the procedure is debateable.

Subcision like needling is debateable in its effectiveness and inconsistent in outcomes

Mederma is made from onion extract it has no effect on indentations.

Dermabrasion Im not a fan of, too many risks with unpredictable gain. In any case its not suitable for your type of large indentation.

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Hi Meet Pete,

Thanks for your help. It is so nice to have found these message boards and know that there are others out there with similar problems. Lots of people scoff these problems as merely superficial, but they are much more than that... in a strange way, its nice to know that there is this community out there... all I am used to are people with perfect skin, it seems...

Anyway, I thought permanent fillers did not exist but I guess they do (and if htey do, why doesn't EVERYONE get them??). Fat seems like the best bet though, since its safest, I guess...

Well, thanks for your help. I have an appt with the dermatologist Jan 10th, who I will get a referral from, and then see what this person says. My face looks "tired" from all these scars...

Swelling from a filler injection usually subsides within several days to a couple of weeks presuming all goes well.

Permanent fillers dont produce much swelling given that the scars dont have to be overcorrected.

Fat produces more swelling which may last a few weeks because scars have to be overcorrected to try and compensate for any reabsorbtion of fat.

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