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Good results with accutane

Just wanted to fill everyone in on my experience so far with accutane. First off I started at the end of Oct, so I have completed my 2nd month. I had a huge breakout right before I started, huge painful cysts and pustules all over my cheeks. I am not sure what brought it on, but have had regular bad breakouts for the last year or so. I have always had acne, just not that bad.

Anyway, I finally decided to do accutane. My derm started me out at 80 mgs per day. I weigh 140 and am 5'6". I was a little worried about the high dose, but figured my initial breakout couldn't be worse than what I was already experiencing. I was also using dermalogica's antibacterial wash with SA in it but then switched to Cetaphil about 1 week into my accutane experience.

Anyway, I saw very little improvement over the first month. My cysts slowly began to heal on my cheeks but then I started getting big cysts on my jaw line. Around Thanksgiving I decided I needed a gentler wash because the cetephil seemed to dry me out and was irritating to my cysts. SO I started using Dove sensitive essetials foaming face wash (ps I love it). This really helped.

My face started to turn around for the better. Not sure if it was the accutane or the dove. Anyway, I am at the end of month 2 and currently have 7 active pimples which are only partly inflamed. i still have two small cysts on my neck that are healing slowly but have shrunk in size. My read marks are horrible but makeup helps. It's nice to hide without all the bumps.

Anyway, I am on month 3 and hope to be clear by the end of it. I will keep everyone posted.

By the way, the only side effects I have are dry lips and dry shoulders. As long as I use my cetephil cream morning and night my face isn't dry at all. If I skip an application though I get real dry. I had constant headache the first week but that went away. So far I am wishing I tried this in April when my derm suggested it. I might have avoided all the scars I have.

Good luck to anyone else who is on tane. Let me know if you have any questions.

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That is great news!!! You absolutely need to let us know what happens at the end of next month. Did you have an initial breakout? If so, what was it like?

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Hey, well I am still on accutane and one of the things i enjoy the most is that i am not oily. I think oil is one of the worst agitators for acne. It also caused some other strange skin problems i had. Im pretty clear right now, the only place i really break out is around my mouth sorta .... not like herpes but i break out there because i put my hand there all the time and plus i always use chapstick and accidently touch my skin around there. Alright, see ya

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