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Margarite Acne Pills...


I got these pills that my esthetician strongly recommended I buy…

They are called Margarite Acne Pills

They are Chinese medicine and the ingredients are pretty herbal…

Heres what the ingrediants are:

Lonicera Japonica Flower

Rehnammia Glutinosa root-raw

Zostera Marina herb

Pteria Margaritifera pearl

Bubalus bubalis horn

Bos taurus domesticus bezoar-synthetic

jin yin hua

Sheng di huang

Hai dai

Shen Shu

Shui niu


Niu huang

I bought them from the local Health Foods Store.

The directions are to take 6 pills twice a day. after about your 8th day you are supposed to already see significant results.

I have not yet taken any, I’m kinda iffy about them because theres a California Prop 65 warning statement on it regarding reproductive harm.

Has anyone ever heard of these or know about these ingredients? I want to start taking them but Im not sure if I should or not.

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well as a chinese...

I know the ppl say chinese medicine is for the root

and medicine we have in US are just for solving the surface x_X

never tried going to a chinese herbal doctor tho....

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