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AcneFree Log

Yesterday I went to WalMart and picked up AcneFree. I had heard enough good stuff to convince me to buy it. It is my last resort. So I put it on last night.

The Cleanser- This product burnt and smelt horrible. It also made my face beet red! I'm not saying it didn't work though... read on.

The Toner- This product didn't seem to burn as bad as the cleanser. It is very runny though. And yes, it too smells horrible.

The BP Treatment- This was light but very runny. It absorbed pretty well though and didn't burn any worse than the cleanser.

Note: The bottles these products dispense from are VERY thick. They're hard to sqeeze and its a pain to get the medication out.

After applying all three, my face was beet red, and burnt like hell, and the burning continued throughout the night.

When I woke up, my face was very dry and peeling, so I'll wait till tonight to apply it again (baby steps lol). However, it feels fine now and not dry, even though I didn't apply moisturizer or anything else.

Now this is about 100% negative news, huh? Well, not quite. My skin actually looks--- better--- today. My skin is red, but appears smoother and more evenly toned. The larger bumps are all at least a little smaller and some imperfections from past zits appear a little "ironed out."

So this is kind of a two-way treatment so far. I will be sure to keep you updated frequently and consistently to see how this treatment goes.

Wish me luck!

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Day Two

I used AcneFree again last night. The cleanser didn't burn as much this time, but it still made my face very red. Actually, I looked in the mirror after washing it off and was cracking up because I looked like an idiot lol. Also, by the time I was done with Step 3, my face was burning, but not as bad as the night before.

I decided I like the consistency of the cleanser only, because it almost feels silky while massaging it on my face. Words can't describe, however, how much I hate the smell these products give. It's just 100% gross.

I woke up, and was happy to see some larger zits furthur reduced, and a much more even complexion eusa_dance.gif My face isn't perfect, but so far the results look promising. I haven't broken out in the past two days either.

I decided to do the system this morning, too, because my face wasn't overly dry and, surprisingly, ever since I applied it, my face hasn't been dry at all. It didn't sting nearly as much this time either.

So, yeah, I'm not liking this product, but loving its results! Lets hope it continues...

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Day Three

Today I was a little disappointed. I didn't have any new breakouts, but my face didn't really look any different than it did yesterday. It was dry, though. I used it again this morning and the dryness went away and my face only burnt for a short time.

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I've been using it for almost two weeks. The first was great and I saw significant improvement. So far this week, I have had new zits show up and now I see two nodule or cyst type acne. I think I have had two total of those over the past years. I am going to keep using it because maybe it needs a little more time, and those original results were great. eusa_pray.gif I'm worried the bacteria developed an immunity or something.

Also, I never felt any burning or had the medication run. Do you spread it on with the cotton balls? Mine not burning may also be because over the past few years I have had my face under a barrage of random treatments. It does itch sometimes though.

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