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While I've visited this site before this is the first time I've posted. I'm 43 and have had acne for over 30 years. I break out not only on my face but my chest, back and arms. Been through all kinds of treatments from Tetracycline when I was a teenager to Minocycline as an adult, and every topical product you could think of. Treatments like Pro-Activ (or anything with Benzoyl Peroxide) are much too harsh for my sensitive skin. As I've gotten older my skin isn't repairing itself as easily and now is more prone to scarring, etc. I've had it with oral treatments (and Dermiatologists) - they were screwing up my system.

I've done a lot of research and am so happy with results that I thought I just had to share so maybe someone else might benefit. First I'm using the Derma Cleanse capsules. I know that on the ratings board here they aren't very highly rated, but I also found that most people who thought they didn't work didn't try them long enough. Internal balancing using herbs, etc. takes time. I had been taking it about 8 weeks before seeing results. The manufacturer even says it can take 5 to 8 weeks. You can't be impatient with balancing out your system.

But the other product that is nothing short of miraculous for me is Philosophy "On a Clear Day" Botanical Blemish Cream. Within days my skin just "calmed" down, becoming smoother, clearer and less irritated. I'm so thrilled that I am now going without makeup for the first time in my life - no cover-up needed. (If you've had problems like me for as long as I've had them, you'll know how incredible that is.) Yes, it is a little expensive, but to me, totally worth it. If your history sounds like mine, give it a try.

Now, which product really helped, or is it using both together? I may never know but I'm so happy with the results.

Just had to share!! wink.gif

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i also avoid chemical based acne products, they are much too harsh or i suffer side effects. i have since switch to naturalis acne treatment and purifying cleanser to control acne breakouts and this has worked very well for me. see naturalisproducts.com .

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