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Little Kids Have the most Flawless skin

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why is it that little kids never get acne? their skin is always perfect. i know when i was a kid my skin was always flawess. i didnt obsess about my skin.

i didnt use any speical cleansers or soaps. i just used whatever my mom bought ..( which im sure every little kid did) and if u look at little kids faces they are always FLAWLESS! even up until i was like 14 my skin was always really clear then i started getting into all these weird facial masks , heavy make up , body washes , bubble bathes, and hearing people say put this on your face , put that, it makes your skin better.and all that junk and thats when all this BS started.

~its like when ur a girl and your a little kid you have flawless skin but u still wanna wear make up even tho u dont need it just for fun before u know it your acne prone and you DO need it.

so it got me thinking why not just live the way i did when i was as little kid. that means not washing my face 3 times a day , and all that s.hyt ,i stopped using body washes and in like 3 days my acne prone back cleared up big time! im also trying that thing that someone else posted... not washing ur face for 3 days.....im on a day and a half...and it sounds mental but it seems to be working....

you know why we didnt have acne when we were kids?? cuz we didnt friggin obsess about it the way we do now...thats why...... also avoid foods with extra added hormones like dairy products.. thats another reason why little kids have such clear skin they dont have as much hormones floating around in them, and they havnt hit puburty yet. you can also take pills to slow down hormones.

wanna know another reason why so many teens/ adults have acne?.... their diets.... EAT RIGHT!, dont drink coffee or soda, fast foods, and foods with lots of carbs and suger!! and drink tons of water and take vitiems ..its makes a difference belvie me!!!!!!!

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Guest Brandon

I was looking at some pictures of myself as a kid, and admiring how absolutely flawless my skin looked. It will never be the same.

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So technically, if testosterone is the main cause of acne for males, then the masturbation theory should be somewhat true shouldn`t it. If u don`t masturbate and try not to have erections,lol. You'll be all cool lol.

Cause that actually just makes a whole lot of sense, cause when i was 12 and 13 i had clear skin. Soon as i turned 14, started going through puberty, getting erections etc. I started getting spots confused.gif

So if the boffins out there can find something that keeps ur testosterone levels under controll we should be ok!

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Wrong. Testosterone doesn't increase dramatically after masturbating. Doctors believe that mental attitudes can impact testosterone production much more than masturbation.

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Because they don't produce significant amounts of testosterone. 

This is a basic fact that I thought we all knew: acne is linked to oversensitivity of oil glands to testosterone.  No testosterone = no acne.  This is why men are more likely to suffer from acne than women. 

see here:  http://my.webmd.com/hw/health_guide_atoz/hw199570.asp

It's not the only factor, obviously (as lots of grown men and women have no problem with acne, and people find lots of different treatments work), but the basic fact remains...  and also, antiandrogens are extremely effective as a treatment for acne (pity they're no good for men to take!  Unless they're aspiring MTF transsexuals)

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Anti androgens are not always the answer...As you pointed out the side effects can be a bummer.

I had better results with Dan's/Botchla's regimes....i took A.A FOR 18months and they did very little to help.

I would rather keep my testosterone. razz.gif

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Ask your dermatologist. Plenty of little kids anywhere from 1-12 years old have had cystic acne, and many have been prescribed accutane.

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^^that's ridiculous. No doctor fond of his license would prescribe such a risky drug to a young child.

The reason is not testerone, per se. The sebaceous glands in children are not yet active. They are activated by hormones released by signals sent from the pituitary glands at or around puberty. Eunuchs do not have acne for the same reason.

Children do however, sweat. Not like adults, but occasionally they will develop a sweat rash, or a localized infection of the hair folicle. This looks quite similar to acne.

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Wrong ayla. Wrong. While children as young as say 0-8 do not develope acne, kids as young as 9 can start getting pimples. I was one such misfortunate kid. I started getting pimples at age nine, which worsened to an advanced case of acne by the time I turned 11. At 13 I recieved accutane treatment after my first visit to the dermatologist- the heavy treatment mind you; 100mg pills twice a day with food, everyday for 8 months. I did that for 7 out the eight months, and it did wonders for me. I didn't see more than the 2 occasional lil zits for 5 years after the treatment, and then light facial cleanser was all I've ever needed to control the occasional breakouts I get on my chin/jawline area.

If my dermatologist was as scared shitless about being sued and avoided giving me such treatment, I'd have come out with much more scars than I do now-- I'd probly be nicknamed crater-face.

The reason that I developed acne so early is because I started puberty much earlier than other boys my age. So it can reasonably assumed that girls 0-14 rarely or never develope acne or get pimples, and if so, it won't be extreme, only very mild. Boys on the other hand, its a question of when they begin puberty, genetics, and skin oil production/sensitivity.

If your little boy is one of those misfortunate fellows, who gets picked on all the time because of his pimples, and is nicknamed pizza-face, or something else as cruel, you won't feel that a dermatologist is crazy to prescribe a 12/13 year old accutane. Infact, you might urge them to do so.

It's true that the effects can be extreme, and that emotional factors could cause some depression, or in the rare extreme case, suicide. Support and possibly counseling should be given while they undergo such a treatment, and keeping your child's spirit up and keeping a close eye on him is a must.

So, you see ayla, things aren't always as they seem. Fate is as cruel as it is kind.

cool.gif SDreamer. evil.gif

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I got acne before puberty. I got it in the beginning of 5th grade, maybe even earlier. I got my first period in the summer between 5 and 6 grades

and yes, dermatologists are scared shitless. The only good dermatologist I heard of that wasn't scared was that said "No one has to walk around with acne"

and that quote didn't come an acne forum.

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