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Discussing acne cures


I am 18 (nearly 19) from UK and have been suffering with acne for a few years now having tried all sorts of potential cures. I am currently following a perscription course given to be my my doctor which involves tablets and cream I use twice daily, I have been taking these for over a year and still havent improved!

Does anybody on here have MSN messanger and would be willing to chat to me and discuss possible cures I would be hugely greatful.

Please feel free to add me, my addess is:

[email protected]

I would be really greatful!

Thanks everybody!


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Guest Nicky_uk

This goes out to everyone who thinks there is a cure for acne.

How do i put this???

THERE IS NO CURE ACNE. there is only ongoing treatment, We dont know why acne occurs, all we know is that it is a genetic defect untill we can find the cause there will not be a cure. So please dont beleive any myths about acne cures coz u r being scammed and wastung yor money.

The regimen is the most effective method of CONTROL i have used and i have been clear for 8months. Did stop for a while to see if acne had gone but i had breakouts within 3days.


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The only thing that has seems to keep me my face under controll is clean and clears blackhead clearing scrub. Although i have to use it consistently at least twice daily. It does keep upto 95 % of my face clear most of the time. It`s the sacylic acid that helps i think. Whatever it is it`s the only facewash that actually helps and i panic if i start running out or can`t find any in stores eusa_wall.gif

However, i did something stupid recently and stopped using it and tried just using water, and low and behold my skin is breaking out all over the shop, getting blotchy etc.

I feel like im going to have to rely on this product for months/years like a drug. It`s bloody insane isn`t it? Im 22 and i just want to be normal sad.gif

And i don`t want to keep relying on this product for months and years to come, i mean what if they stop selling it in my area or stop making it completely in the distant future. I know im loosing it here, becomming dependant on a facewash as if it`s a drug, but what the hell else can i do? I don`t like using bp or retin a, i`ve tried vinegar and it just breaks my face out.

Washing with just water isn`t enough, im just so lost right now. Im still washing my face with water and my face is getting slowly worse in a matter of days. I desperetly need to get to asda tommrrow and get my scrub back eusa_pray.gif

Sorry for my bad grammar and spelling, but i don`t tend to focus on such things in desperate times like these!

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