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retin-a clindamycin, mino

well im over two weeks into it and i stil got 3 or 4 new little acne over christmas, i use the clindamycin lotion in the morning and at night, and rentin a at night, but in the morning i have to use a moisturizer because my skin is so dry , im useing oil free non codomeginic derm recommended, the nuetrogena brand with spf15 in the mornings after my cladmycin lotion drys i put that on. it sems i always break out in the days i use lotion could that be the cause?, and do you think useing retin a at night with cladamycin is cancelling each other out in any way?

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Retin-A and cladmycin are prescribed in combination by many dermatologists so I doubt that they cancel each other out. If your skin is getting dry, you might want to change things around a little bit such as using the cladmycin lotion once a day and using Retin-A every other night.

You are only two weeks into your treatment. The best thing for acne is patience. Give it time. Most people wait around two to three months and if they aren't getting the desired results, they move on to the next prescription. Of course, if your acne takes a turn for the worse, get a hold of your dermatologist immediately and see what else you can get.

Personally, Retin-A completely irritated my skin even when I used it three days apart. It is powerful stuff. I got better results using Cleocin-T (cladmycin), Minocyclin and Glycolic Acid pads (found them at a local plastic surgeons).

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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