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isome info/Tips i got on TCA

hi all,

i've parchased a 12.5 % . i mailed thier costumer service with a few questions and got very quick and detailed answers.

thoght i share it with you to whom it may interest.

"This is what you can expect. The 12.5% (with 1

> layer) is more of a light peel. It should cause some

> very minor peeling (like a glycolic peel) about 3

> days after you apply it. It is when you start

> layering the solution (1 layer, wait 30 seconds,

> apply 2nd layer, ... ... ) that it really gets

> strong. The general consensus is that about 3 layers

> will cause some good frosting (whitness in the skin)

> and penetration, which will ultimately lead to more

> excessive peeling. **The obaji is applied in about 5

> layers (with a 15% or 20% solution). You can get a

> sort of "mini" obaji with the 12.5% peel! wink.gif You

> will be very happy with how the process works.

> Always start off with 1 layer so that you can see

> what is going to be happening, and then you can add

> more layers the next time ( aprx. 2 weeks later) you

> apply it. **Absolutely, feel free to apply the

> solution to only certain areas. OR, I suggest

> applying 1 layer to your entire face, and then

> adding more to your troublesome spots!


> Have a wonderful holiday!

* * *

You could dilute it with a couple drops of water, but I think your best bet is to just leave it on for about 1 minute (instead of 4-5). This will start you off very slowly. There are many people who only see very minor peeling (think after a sunburn flakes) even with 1-2 layers. Then again, there are some who get noticeable flaking with only 1 layer. You should definitely apply a test patch to see what type of peeling you are going to have. Most noticeable flaking is around the mouth/chin area. When that is starting to flake (if at all) you can speed it along with a facial brush or microdermabrasion product.

*Here is a good hint to keep in mind (especially if you have weekends off!). The day you do your peel, and about 2 more days later, you will not notice any flaking. Maybe a bit drier skin. Then about 3 days after, the peeling will start (in most people), so you can really time when you have the flakies appear. I would suggest a Tuesday or Wednesday, then flaking will start Friday/Saturday. A few days of light flaking, followed with a facial brush/microdermabrasion, will leave you mostly peeled on Monday.

Have a wonderful day!

* * *

In reply to your question yes the lower strengths can eventually give you peel but of course it may take several. You really don't get a strong visible peeling so there is no down time. Yes you can dilute the stronger strengths with bottled water to whatever strength you want.

* * *

hope it helped some of you.

i also have a question - i couldn't understand from these question if i can get a low % tca peel , without the peeling , and get good visible results after a series of these peels ...

(cause harsh is no peeling = no visible results ? or can a series of 10% tca peel give me the result of one 20% peel ? )

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