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WoW! soap doctor has changed it all!

WOW i picked up face doctor for x-mas (kills the mites that live in ur skin) and i have only improved since then. Before when i smoked chronic at night time, i would feel lil bits of crawling all over my face, i thought it was the thc or something that was doing this, but then i read about it on their site...facedoctor.ca.... and they explained how the mites r most active at night because they hate the light, and i always smoked at night with the lights turned off.

I'm now eating loads of junk-food, DRINKING COKE and eating chocolate (from x-mas)...absoloutely no breakouts. I also don't get an itchy crawly face n e more, and my complexion is coming back to normal.

Seriously consider buying this soap, it's only $20 in canada, def try out this soap. only thing besdies accutane that has worked for me.

It seriously sux to know that i've had acne because of fuken mites. To tell u the truth, before i moved in to my townhouse a neighbor told me how MY room was infested with fleas from the cat and they had to flush it out....i only started to get acne after moving into that room...

ps. it's called face doctor not soap, my bad.

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im goin to try this...i feel itchy at times....this sounds good,,,we wil lsee how it goes:)

u didnt break out more first before it started to work did u?

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Hey all...........

I've not tried this product...but i went to the site,after seeing this thread,and if you live in the U.K you can send for a free sample. I think the P&P is £2.75.

I've sent for it,not sure wether to try it or not now though!!

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