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Face Moisturizer on Tane

I'm a 16 yr-old male, and I'm on tane.

I've tried Cetaphil moisturizer and it makes my face look so oily and shiny. Imagine a guy with a shiny face biggrin.gif - not cool eusa_eh.gif.

So what do you guys use that doesn't make your face shiny and oily? I know that there are several posts on this topic, but I couldn't get a straight answer out of them. I want to get to the core of it - fast!

HELP excl.gif

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There are a couple of threads going on about it.

What I am going to do is stop using cetaphil on my face since it still has oil and try one of those oil free ones which do not contain AHA.

Look at this link below


The st ives one looks promising and if it is avaible in walmart, I am going to buy it, else will order online...

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I dislike Cetaphil moisturizer as well, it's shiny on me too.

My favourite is Olay Total Effects, as I've stated in a couple other threads going on right now. It is expensive though, I will warn you! I find it absorbs into my skin better than anything else I've tried. There are cheaper Olay moisturizers you might like as well, they have a thinner consistency and I LOVE the smell.


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So you are saying that oil-free products give a non-shiny look, right?

If so, I'm definately gonna try to get an oil-free moisturizer!

Thx a bunch!

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people, try Sensè skin care ... from usana.. its a nutritionals company that has branched off into topical face care that focuses on regenerating the cells and is all natural and yum... its a very well established company and u can get the products online.

i am into week three of accutane and i havent at all got complaints about dry skin on my face at this point. i attribute that to relgious vitamin e intake and washing my face twice daily with the usana line.

balanced p.h. which is key to happy skin!


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