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Catch 22!!

Hey guys, right now I am typing to you with a throbbing head at my computer screen. Ok heres the deal. I went snowboarding last weekend. On Christmas, the 25th, one minute I was on the mountain, next minute I was in the emergency room being asked questions and getting a CT Scan, etc. I Still cant recall what happened but i do know i have a concussion. Ok, heres where I am in a sort of a bind. Today is monday, two days after the accident. Yesterday I stayed in bed all day, with a throbbing pain in my head, etc, only drinking liquids. Today I actually had food. Thank god my CT Scan came out negative. Anyways (sorry if my typing sucks, i'm still a little blurry) today i washed my face, and afterwards, I put some neoaporin all over the left side of my face, I have all these gashes on it. My question is. The cuts have all seemed to scab over, and I have a feeling (i havnt done the regimen since sat. when i got my concussion) that if i take more time off, I may get a really bad breakout. I was wondering if it would be ok to put the BP gel on my face even though i have these scabs. I dont know if it stings, but if i get the ok from you guys and I start putting it on tonight and it stings, i will stop, but if u guys sasy no, i wont even try. Thanks guys, I'ma go lay down for the millionth time in the past 3 days.


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I'm sorry you had that accident! I would say if you have to put it on, only put it on the areas where you don't have the scratches and gashes. it will probably take a lot longer to put on, but its better then chancing an infection. If you talk to your doctor again get his opinion. I just had a gash on my face from a car accident just a month ago, and all I did was avoid the area. I had a bandage on my face too, and was careful to make sure I constantly changed it and put neosporin on it.

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