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questions about pimples

I've been on it for 2 weeks now.

Here's my question: "Is it okay to force and pop pimples that are inevitably gonna burst open when I wash my face?"

I've had this happen to me so many times. I would just leave the whiteheads alone with so much patience, and - boom - they would just burst open and bleed when I wash my face. This is just frustrating. I know I shouldn't, but can we make an exception here? Can somebody suggest a topical for this, or something?

Here's my other question: "How do you deal with a cyst that keeps popping open whenever you wash your face. It seems like it's never going to heal!"

I have this giant cyst on my left cheek. It's about 2 cm in diameter. It keeps bursting whenever I wash my face. BTW, I don't remember the last time I washed my face and not bled. ARG!!! cry.gif I have tried Neosporin; it doesn't work too well.

Any help would be very much appreciated. THX in advance!


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I understand how frustrating it is for you since I experienced the same thing. During my first few weeks on Accutane, every time I touched my face, a cyst would open up and release all this gunk and blood. The cysts also took forever to go away and, even when the swelling went down, they would just remanifest themselves.

What has worked for me: Injections of cortisone from my dermatologist; having the cyst drained by my dermatologist; applying Klaron gel several times a day and especially at night and, yes, personally pushing all the extra stuff out of the cyst. Out of all of these, I would suggest cortisone injections simply because the possibility of scarring is lesser.

The thing with Accutane is that it works by decreasing the size of your oil glands and all that oil is constantly being pushed out to the surface. This is why the first few weeks on Accutane are the worse.

Good luck and have faith that this will pass.

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My derm doesn't do cortisone shots. I'm gonna ask if I can get a prescription of prednisone.

Yeah. I hope I could fastforward time to february.

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