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BP and other topicals against acne.

Hey everyone, I really need some help to treat my bad acne, please help anyone! This post was originally posted in a wrong forum section, but It should fit OK at this place.

Okay here is the problem, my skin is way to oily and red toned at certain areas so im kind of allways on accutane. Now I want to have a decent skin that is possible to live with, when im off the accutane.

It seemes to me that BP is one of the only efficent topical against acne?

To improve chances of best possible advicement from you guys, I will try to describe my skin:

Basicly I think I got acne roscea rather than acne vulgaris, since I suffer more of inflamed (and red toned) plus oily skin.

I got very large pores at nose (maybe scarred pores), and the nose is producing hell of a lot oil. It gets clogged up very easy, even when im on accutane (20mg pr day), I have to wipe my nose with some toiletpaper several times per day (and I use the thinnest possible lotion against oily skin). When being off accutane I normally use ISOTREX at nose but it is not enough to keep the oil production at an manageable level. It gets way to clogged up and irritated (red). Basicly my nose is the worst area.

The next largest issue is my forehead. It also gets very oily and clogged up when being off accutane, allthough its possible to keep on an acceptable level when being on accutane. But I wan't solutions for the times where I'm off accutane, so what could I actually do here? BP on both nose and forehead, would that be enough to keep oil level down at nose and forehead (T-Zone) when keeping in mind that the circumstances is very extreme (As i've said, ISOTREX was not enough!). "ISOTREX gel" helped on the farthest out layer of skin, but I think the problem was that the skin was too thick, so I had a lot of acne below the farthest out layer (the gel didn't penetrate enough in to the skin).

I also use either a "skin refining masque" or "anti bac cooling masque" on allmost daily basis when off accutane but its not enough.

So basicly I am looking for some new topical treatment that can be used along the basic skin hygiene products and masques (I use dermalogica products that is personally adviced by cosmetecians).

On my cheeks I am too getting oily but it is not as bad as in the T-Zone. It is more like inflamed (red-toned) skin with big red spots (indicating pimples that is about to break out, but rarely does). It basicly looks like my cheeks is flushing a lot, due to all the inflamations below the skin, but the oil level is okay at the cheeks as long as I wash my face 3 times pr day (forehead + nose has to be washed 5 times pr day, and its still very oily).

Now I know some of you folks will recommend that I use some gentle and not to rich cream in order to hydrate the skin (so the skin doesn't try to over-produce due to all the washing), but I do that allready. I keep the dry/oil level as ballanced as possible with all the washing and creams, but it still not enough (to fight my inflamations and oilyness). So yea my skin is severe enough to use strong products, I can't stand to live on accutane all the time.

If you managed to read all the text so far, and know something about BP and other alternatives, it would be very apprechiated if YOU could drop some advices and some links to websites that sell BP or whatever you advice me to buy. I've found Dan's BP gel allready @ www.acnesupplies.com/ , where I also ordered 3 tubes. But I am not sure I will be able to recieve the package since I live in one of the countries that doesn't like that sort of things (Denmark).

I was also wondering if you could reduce the oil production at a specific area on the face (in my situation: the T-Zone) by getting some kind of laser treatment (I know there is some kind of light treatmeants available against acne that works temponarily, but I don't remember what it was called and how effective it works, and for how long).

And last: Perhaps I should start popping omega-3 pills when being off accutane, I've heard it should help against acne aswell (or at least improve skin healing time). But then again im not sure how much I can take of that, and if I will get an overdosis very easy since I've been on accutane. Some clarity here would be very nice. I don't know if Omega-3 are the best vitamin suplement you can take in order to improve skin.

PS: It's the third time im on accutane now, and its on lowest dosis (20mg). 40mg is too much for me (I tried it once)...I have great results but the skin gets back to its old oily pattern VERY quickly after I stop taking accutane.



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