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Great, Universal, and Cheap Make up!!!

Earlier I used to go to school with my skin as pale as milk, and oil free and all, but when I used to come back and look at my face in the mirror..........aarrgh

My face looked as though I had smeared it with coconut oil or something...

Well, I was ignoring this, when all my mates at school started nagging me , saying that "Ewwwwwwwwww your skin is so oily" and all that...

So I tried with all kinds of make up, foundations, concealers, but all through, Mr.Sebum managed to show his ugly face through all this, and worst of all, the stuff will break me out..

My research into this just ended 2 weeks back, when i discovered this great regimen, also cheap, and you just need a few things which u can get anywhere. Also, my skin looked even better after coming back from school!!

Must try it out!!

1 ) First, wash face with a VERY GENTLE cleanser, ( I see so many topics on not washing, well this is almost that...), and PAT it dry for about 5 mins.

2 ) Now,after making sure its completely dry, just but on your BP or whatever topical you are using.... (MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS WITHING 6-7 MINS AFTER WASHING, COZ U DONT WANT YOUR SKIN TO GET FLAKY -- THIS IS FOR PPL WITH EXTRA DRY SKIN , LIKE ME)

3 )Now leave the topical on for abt 15 mins, and do other work...

4)Now comes the best part... take a clean piece of cloth, and wet it at just one spot, dont wet it too much, just a few drops of water, and then add some TALC to it, something like "Cinthol" or "Ponds" ....now gently just dab your face , do it for your whole face, and then VOILA!!

The wetness makes sure the talc doesnt combine with sebum and look bad....also, the BP is working beneath, killing other ones...


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