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Cilest!!Need Help!!

eusa_angel.gif Hey Guys, Hey Girls.

New girl.

So been on Cilest for 1 month now, just and am still breaking out although no worse than I was before I was put on Cilest for that reason. I'm assuming my spots are hormone related because I go months with a clear skin then all of a sudden it flares for no reason, and also because I have tried the strict diet, supplementation thing and although my over all health was top-notch, my skin was no better.

So does anyone know how long it may be before I see a difference? Anyone got any experiences which may be helpful? and are Yasmin, Cilest and Diannette all basically the same drug? Oh, and on the 7 day break when you get your "period", does anyone find that they breakout, as you might normally just previous to a period? I have yet to take a break as am taking two cycles straight through. Anyone noticed weight gain at all and well, anything at all with this would be helpful as I've tried looking everywhere and have found little in the way of info on Cilest especially.

Thanks in advance


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Hi there

I was put on Cilest in September after I started breaking out again while on Dianette. But I'm not sure whether my skin is clear because of the cilest or because I'm on Botchla's regime! Try Botchla's regime, it's really good. I haven't experienced any other side effects though, like weight gain or mood swings so that has also helped. I did find that it took a month or two for my body to get used to this particualar BCP though. Good luck!

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