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I finished a treatment of accutane I think about a year ago now at least. About 3 months after taking accutane, my skin was nearly flawless, I was soo so happy. I only had one scar because of a major cyst I had that lasted forever and I still have it. after about 3 months of pure happiness, I started getting about 1 minor zit a day, very very mild acne. That lasted a long time until about 2 weeks ago. 2.5 months ago I got a girl friend when I was totally normal looking acne wise. We took a picture of us close up and my skin was seriously flawless, it looked like I never have had major acne ever. These past 2 weeks I have gotten more acne then I really want (haha). Or better yet, that I can handle. I have not used bp in a long time, mostly because it makes my skin really dry and I absolutly hate how moisturiser makes my skin look during the day, and moisturising at night is not enough to curb the dryness. I wash everyday, once a day now, and my skin gets dry enough.

So my plan now is to make an appointment with my very friendly derm to hopefully get another accutane treatment. If I showed you guys a picture of me, you would think I am crazy for thinking that I need another treatment, but I really just want to get this over with and not have to worry about it anymore. I just hate the way it makes me feel and act, it makes me all depressed and it's all I can think about, even when I have like 3-4 regular zits.

I am going to tell my derm that I have tried retin-a, tazorac, minocyclean (spelling?) and a few other prescription tropicals with no avail. Also that I have tried quite a few over the counter tropicals. Acne gets better before it gets worse, I'll say anything for her to perscribe me more.

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Guest Brandon

Good luck. I hope it all works out for you.

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My girlfriend found some of my acne stuff in the bathroom when she was looking for toliet paper. She said that I "don't even have acne" or something like that. razz.gif

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