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Questions about my acne...


I've been thinking this afternoon (well actually for quite a bit longer)

One of these things I cant get is I used to have quite bad acne on my shoulders / upper back / upper arms. I never did anything with it, never put BP or something on it. I was also quite careless with changing shirts and not picking at it.

Now all over sudden, after years of it, it just vanished... All that remains are quite a bit of clogged pores and the occasional zit...

So i wonder, why the hell is it gone there but remains so persistently on my face...

Another thing I dont get is why sometimes i can just with a pincet or so, pull out solid stuff from a pore, its like hardened oil that comes to the surface... quite repulsive actually...

A last thing I have been noticing, is that usually, when i get a pimple somewhere, it is proceded by a persistent itch...

Its like when my skin starts itching somewhere, i can almost bet i'll get a zit there in a few hours... Is anyone experiencing this as well? eusa_think.gif

Well, so far my thoughts and questions.

Good night wink.gif

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Are you using anything on your face ? Your face might have an allergic reaction to something your using thus causing you to break out... that might explain why your back cleared up when you used nothing. As for the itching before a zit, i guess thats just your sixth sense tongue.gif

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Well, i have used in the past; BP in all different strenghts, Erythromycin cream, Tetracyclin cream and antibiotics

Using now; Some prescription cream and accutane.

But i'm quite sure that none of those products is really the cause,(although i strongly advise not to use BP for long times, its as harmful as accutane, at least) my facial skin is ever so oily so i guess thats why acne started in the first place...

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