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Minocin/Minocycline question

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I've been taking Minocycline since December 19th, and its worked wonders for my face. But there is a warning on the label that says do not lie down within 1/2 hour of taking the medicine. I'm sure there is a reason for this but I can't find any info about it. Anyone have any ideas?



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Minocin must be similar to the Doxycycline that I used to take in that regard. Some oral antibiotics can "burn" your esophagus if you take them and then immediately lie down for bed. Taking it at least one hour befofe lying down ensures that the med is properly absorbed. I suffered from terrible pain similar to acid reflux until I figured out what I was doing wrong. It is also important to drink a full glass of water with your pill. Hope this answers your question.

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I had pretty bad acne all over my face, and the first time I went to the derm was on Dec. 19 when he perscribed me Minocycline with Brevoxyl 8 Face Wash. I immediately started seeing results, with a few new pimples in the first month, but gradually they stopped coming up. Now my face looks terrific, with only minor red spots in areas where I once had major concentrations of acne pimples. Trust the medicine, if it isn't working all that well make sure you don't eat anything within 2 hours on either side of taking it. I usually take the medicine when I wake up, and since I don't eat until around noon the medicine has plenty of time to digest.


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I have been on Mino for 2 weeks, 100 mg twice a day, its working, and right away I could tell cause I had a large pimple that was inflammed and infected and it killed it in one night. After that I have been getting minor red marks from acne trying to reach the surface but I keep them in check with B-5 and Clindoxyl. Some still do pop out but they should become less frequent as time passes on the antibiotic.

I try to take it with a empty stomach, and with lotsa water. It totally reduces inflammation/rednes and infection of all the acne that comes up.

When does Minocycline stop working? will the acne eventually come back?

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Hey guys,

Unfortunatley the amazin benefits of minocycline wane in time. For some it may be half a year, others like myself lasted for a year. Within that year I was virtually acne free but now after a year and three months, my acne has started to slowly come back with more frequant breakouts. Right now I am unsure what to do and am thining of goin on retin-A. What I suggest to you guys on minocycline and enjoying the beneifts of the anti-biotic is to take retin-a now to avoid the initial breakout the medication will cause you. This may be the most optimal combination of prescriotion drugs in my opinion.

Wouldnt it be great if bacteria never became resistent!!!

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I took mino two years ago and it did nothing, now I am on it for 3 weeks and I am clear, well pretty darn close.

My acne is less severe now and is respondong to mino treatment which is great.

SO eventually all my acne will come back from using Mino? that totally sux man. well if I can get clarity all though the summer I'd be happy. Too bad it won't cure me.

Is there anything I can do to make the effects last longer? does mino cure acne in some people forever?

I am using Clindoxyl gel once a night, soo i'll stick with that till the day the mino is inneffective and maybe by then the clindoxyl will be working in that amount of time.

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