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festive christmas breakout

Howdy everyone and merry Christmas hohoho. Anyways just wanted to bring up the topic of picking at zits... For me it is like an obsession. I have acne but I keep it under control... mostly. Problem is that when I get a pimple I feel this uncontrollable urge to burst it, and then I start seeing all the other little bumps that would probably amount to nothing if I left them alone, but then I go after those too! I can take a look in the mirror now and see that only about two zits on my face were "spontaneously" generated and the rest (like about 4 of em) were a result of me *picking* at my face and it pisses me off! I curse myself for being stupid and swear to never do it again. Then I'll go like a week or so where I won't touch my face or even look in the mirror and my skin will clear up almost completely. But then here comes a little zit. Now I must pop it and then it all goes downhill and I end up with way more zits then should really be there. I think I have some form of OCD where I just can't help but squeezing. How do you people keep yourself from picking at your face? I have noticed that the only thing that will really keep me from obsessing over it is uhm smoking certain illegal plants cause then I just don't really care about it and see how petty and self destructive it really is, but of course I can not do that all the time. It is a never ending cycle! Arggh!

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Guest Zitro

hey, I want you to know that you are not the only one who has that urge. In my past, I used to do it, and believe me ... I both enjoyed and hated it, and in the long run ... I abhored those actions I've made.

Let me tell you ways that may help you stop:

_avoid mirrors as much as possible

_use one of those stress ball and squeeze the hell out of it (it really helps! plus you exercise some parts of your forearm muscles)

_remind yourself when you start to pick, that you are doing harm to your acne and your skin (possible scarring)

_if you pop at your zits the correct way with tissue and needle and everything, there's nothing wrong with it

_refer to my thread of "ten reasons not to pick" (I know that I wanted to give 10 and I ran short, so I ended up silly and funny ones)

Merry christmas ... my skin would not have been like how it is now thanks to not picking (and getting facials)

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