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Emu Oil Turning Me Into A Hairy Monkey

Hi alll,

I've been using emu oil as a moisturiser for 2 weeks now and its fantastic. My red marks have faded by about 60 % and it has also not caused me any acne to form. I think that this is because of the anti inflammatory and anti bacterial effects of the oil. It is also non comedogenic as well. You guys should try it. This is way better than all the other commercial moisturisers ive tried that usually will contain more than 1 more clogging ingredient in them.

What im worried about is i know that emu oil promotes skin and hair growth. I have a hairy face redface.gif.... all over my face i have these tiny facial hairs and when i mean my face i mean my WHOLE face. The hairs are very tiny and short tho and what im worried about is that emu oil will make my facial hair grow thicker, longer and incourage more facial hair to form.

Can someone plz tell me if this is true. Plz help me plz. I don;t want good skin but then i end up looking like a monkey face ninja.gif Also does emu oil make your pores larger???

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Everyone has hair all over their face..

It's usually very fine hair, but it's there, none the less.

I haven't heard of emu oil making facial hair grow thicker, but would be interested to know, as I've just started using it!.. it is great stuff though! smile.gif

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Hey Dee,

Thks for your reply.

Did emu oil make u break out at first??? Cos it did for me a liitle bit but im still using it.

I wonder do you think this will help prevent acne or maybe even help treat it?? Cos i reead somewhere it is anti bacterial and is supposed to make your skin grow thicker or something.

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I've only been using emu oil for a few days and haven't had any break-outs yet.. but I only use a very small amount.

I don't know if it has any affect on acne, but I read it helped fade red marks and it's non-comedogenic, so I thought I'd give it a go.

At the same time as I got emu oil, I also got some Manuka oil, as I read on these boards (sorry.. I don't remember who the post was by) that manuka oil mixed with emu oil might help with active acne. Fortunatley, I haven't had any active acne to try it out on yet (touch wood!) and I'm hoping it stays that way! smile.gif

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