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Does BP Bleach the Skin or Hairs

Okay, so i've got about mild-mod acne, and scanning through this website it seems that BP has worked for 80% of the people here. I used to use Clearasil and Clean and Clear for my acne which did work fairly well but my mum said it was bleaching some of my skin? There was a white patch on the right side of my cheek, i immediately stopped using it because i thought BP had bleaching effects on the skin. After i stopped using them the patch of white skin on my cheek returned to normal texture.

So my question to use is if i use BP as suggested on this website will it discolour my face ? Last time i was only using the BP on my acne proned spots like suggested on the tube, should i be using it to cover my entire face ? Also was wondering if it turns the lil hairs on your face white ?

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Same here. I have never had any problems with gels or creams that have BP, but as soon as you take out a wash with BP it bleaches everything. And yes it doesn't exactly make mom happy.

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Hi, I have an interesting experience to share.

For the past few months I have been doing the Botchla Regimen to control mild, yet very persistent acne. It consists of using the C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub (Salicylic Acid) along with C&C Continuous Control Acne Cleanser (10% Benzoyl Peroxide). Both are washes which you do not leave on the skin for a prolonged amount of time. Prior to this I used Dan's Regimen, along with various other medications containing BP.

Within the last week or two I have noticed that part of my hair closest to the top of my face has been turning quite light blonde. I have naturally brown/dirty blonde hair. In a way the hair which changed colors doesn't look too bad or anything, I guess similar to those blonde highlights or whatever people use. However, if I wanted to do it to my hair I would want it more uniformly done! Anyways, all of that is besides the fact, as I -never- did any of this to try and purposely dye my hair.

I always have went out of my way to keep Benzoyl Peroxide out of my hair, but I guess I somehow wasn't careful enough. Perhaps using BP in general for so long contributed to it (Dan's BP, C&C BP Wash, etc), or perhaps it was specifically the C&C BP Wash that did it, I'm simply not sure. My eyebrow hair has not changed color, nor has facial hair (which I shave anyways).

Anyways, BP products always mention on the label that it can dye fabrics and even hair. You hear people constantly talking about it dying shirts, sheets, towels, but literally almost -never- their hair. This is why I am so puzzled about it since I truly went out of my way to keep the BP out of my hair.

On a side note, does anyone know if it is likely that the actual roots of my hair are permanently changed colors in certain areas? Or when I get a haircut (soon) will these colored strands of hair leave and be gone? I really have no clue as I have never experienced anything like this. Good luck and sorry for making this so long.

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Hey all thanks for your replies. I stopped using Dans regimen as although it was clearing me up it was making the red smarks seem to stay forever sad.gif And i couldnt be bothered applying so much BP on twice a day if it wasnt a perm. soloution. Im now on the 'Do Nothing' regimen which is looking good. Only one active pimple at the moment

Hrb - The bp will only bleach whatever part of the hair it touched. So its not gonna be permanent. Hahaah it would be funny if it was though, ppl would put BP in their hair so they dont have to constantly dye it.

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