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Acne pitting and misformed pores

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Hey all,

I am on my way out from the acne riddled part of my life, but especially around my chin I have a lot of misformed pores that I would love to clear and repair.

I used a serum a couple of year back that really worked at bringing trapped hairs under the skin to the surface and helped repair a lot of this area.

My skin hygiene regimen is pretty rigourous at the moment:

Vitamins: Multivitamin, Zinc, Tumeric, Vitamin E, Omega3/6 Oil, Chlorella, Vitamin D

Morning cleansing: Basic Foaming Wash, EGF Serum, Basic Moisturiser

Afternoon cleansing: Salicylic acid scrub , 2%Salicylic Serum, Basic Moisturiser

I would love to hear any suggestions of products to address this area (and any other areas you may observe from the attached photos)





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My main goal is repair.

I would love to hear how any of you have address misformed pores? Any procedures or products?

Extra note, I feel I have IBS and my gut often feels out of wack, so I am hoping addressing my stomach issues can also help from the inside out.


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Its a difficult condition to fix your issues seem to be mostly on your chin and jaw line. This might not be what you want to hear but your best bet is to get a beard transplant and honestly you would look great all day everyday and no need for minimal improvement treatments


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There are few bad scars on chin you can address by tca or phenol cross, faster route is excision but try safe methods first. And then filler are a most when the area deal close to surface.

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I agree a beard would look great there to be honest. Not sure if you can grow one or if transplant is even desired or feasible, but I grow my beard out because I have scars but I'm unlucky my beard doesn't cover more than 1/2 my cheeks which contains them.

The larger chin scars might be best excised but find a good surgeon. It will still leave a "dent" but not jagged or anything. Then maybe filler. Excising a scar just cuts it, connects it, and leave a straight line slightly depressed. It would look better but still visible, that's why filler is necessary.

Aside from that lasers/Dermabrasion might be worth looking into because Dermabrasion responded to my icepicks/shallow significantly in the past, but the jaw/chin is very thin so I don't know if that's possible for Dermabrasion, probably if laser works it would be. Obviously I mean ablative treatments not microdermabrasion or anything weak like fractional. Don't let doctors try to trick you into using superficial "collagen will grow if you shine a light" nonsense. I never found a non-ablative treatment that worked for anything other than super, super, superficial stuff.

You also appear to have some pigment issues so you really need to try and get some opinions from surgeons because you're dealing with a few things in that area that might require several different things basically.



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