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Should I Take Accutane?


My new dermatologist recently prescribe me Accutane (Isisotren)40mg a day after trying other prescriptions for about 2 years now like differen gel and tazorac and minocycline or doxycycline and they helped take away alot of my pimples but my biggest problem is that i have a lot of red marks and dark marks in my cheeks with a little bit of pimples. Anyways i had an appointment with a new dermatologist and i told him i was getting worse in the last 6 months and he just said accutane and he didnt even tell me about all of the side effects. All he said was dry lips and somthing about high levels of fat or cholesterol so thats why i will need blood test everymonth. Am supposed to start on Sunday(in 1 day) but am not sure anymore if Accutane will take away my redmarks or darkmarks on my cheeks, and if i do take it what do you guys suggest i use with i.e. vitamin e i heard is good and what else for my face. i have neutrogena cleanser that i use is that good or what else shoul i use. Thanks

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be happy that you got Accutane! Many of us like me can't get the stupid dermatologists to prescribe it for us...so yeah take it! And don;t worry about the serious side effects, they are rare..like I haven't seen one person on this forum with a serious side effect...

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If you have it, and can afford it, use it!

If it helps clear up your acne you might as well use it. I have no experience with it but I don't think the side-effects are that common. Sure, you will most likely have dry lips and such, but isn't that worth it if it clears up your acne?

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