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Advice needed for my scars!

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I 've been lurking on this forum for some time and finally plucked the courage to make my first post.

Would like to ask all(in your opinion) what types of treatment and how many session would i require to see some improvement.

Appreciate any comments :)





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TCA Cross for the icepick and narrower boxcar scars. 

For bigger ones, look into excision.

I think your right side has some rolling scars so subcision may help.

The first two have more risks than subcision.

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15 hours ago, sadAcneScarBoi said:

@Amanda Hall Thanks for the reply =) What % of TCA would u recommend? Do you think CO2 lasers do anything for my scars?

The doctor will be the one to determine that. I had one TCA Cross session and the doctor started off with a lower percentage just to be on the safe side. I didn't see improvement but that's part of the journey. It's better to start off conservatively. 

With that being said, some experienced doctors (I don't think mine was a true scar expert) will jump right into the high percentage acid. I read from some doctor that 80-100% is the way to go; 100% has more downtime and risk than 80%, naturally. 

Can you do it yourself? Sure, as long as you fully understand the risks. You can save a good amount of money this way but there are many who do not advocate this. Scar widening is unsettling. I will say that I've seen on YouTube that many doctors just apply TCA casually - even I can do a better job myself. But it's your body and you need to think heavily about this.

Cross will take multiple treatments and can take more than a year for you to see satisfying results. 

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