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Help please! Treatments for Scar

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Hi all, this is going to be a lengthy post so please bear with me. About 8 years ago I had a cyst between my eyes and had to have it surgically removed. It left a dented scar in between my eyes and throughout the past 8 years, I have done 3 scar revisions (which failed HORRIBLY because the scar simply keep splitting open and it only caused the surgical scar to look worse than before), multiple fractional co2 (which only worsened the appearance of the scar, making it look jagged, super red and sensitive), a couple sessions of infini RF (didn't see any improvements as well and only made the scar more prone to redness), about 4 sessions of micro needling, multiple subcisions and rejuran. All in all, I have spent about $40k (yes, incredibly so and I'm super desperate for it.)

I stopped doing treatments back in mid 2019 to 3rd quarter of 2020 because I wanted my scar to heal from the laser treatments, and a couple months ago, I started doing treatments for my scar again and as of today I have just completed 3 sessions of rejuran + subcision. (Currently post 3 weeks of rejuran and subcision).

To be honest, I feel very disappointed.. I don't see much difference in the scar dent or the texture. It always looked amazing for a few days to a week after the subcision and rejuran but once the swelling dies down, it feels like I'm back to square one again. I feel like crying whenever I look at myself in the mirror. I refused to go out with others. Water activities, sleepovers, travelling with friends, having a social life are all out of my life because I'm so depressed over the scar. Even with makeup on, the products just seem to sink deeper into the skin and just further emphasise the scar. I don't even dare to go out of the house when it's daylight because the sun just makes it look worse! 

The scar is about 2cm long and 0.4cm height approximately, in between my eyes and I know it seems like kinda small and insignificant but my skin is super important to me, especially for a young female. I'm not sharing pictures right now. It's been very long since I took any pictures of myself. I have been avoiding cameras and mirrors because it makes me want to cry.

I'm getting so desperate because I feel like I have already tried everything but nothing seems to be working out. I just want to pull out my skin! Please help me.

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