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[Post.inf Erythema]This study claims OXZ is effective, your thoughts?

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Hello I am posting it here because I wasn't sure if I should send it in acne scars, hyperpigmentation or rosacea.

I discovered that what I have after taking Accutane is not hyperpigmentation but post inflammatory erythema and because it's a quite concerning problem for me  I did some search about topical treatments (there are other cosmetic procedures like lasers and microneedling but they cost much more and insurance does not support this lol).


Since I learned that Post inflammatory Erythema is closer to conditions like Rosacea because it's about small blood vessels in skin layers, I started googling about a treatment used for rosacea named Oxymetazoline 


I found this: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32602755/

"Successful treatment of the face post-acne erythema using a topically applied selective alpha 1-Adrenergic receptor agonist, oxymetazoline 1.5%, a controlled left to right face comparative trial"

Conclusion: Topical OXZ is a safe and effective treatment for post-acne-erythema.


I was wondering if OXZ / Oxymetazoline was already prescribed to you by your dermatologist or doctor for PostInflammatory Erythema / Acne facial redness, what were the results ?




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