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Recommendations for scarring on cheeks?

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My earlier post was removed so apologies for the double post. (I wasn’t able to see any responses - sorry Sirius :smileys_n_people_16: - can you please respond again?). 

I have severe acne scarring on my cheeks and am looking for recommendations on what course of actions will work to help.

I’ve tried subscision and laser (did not see any effects) with a medspa and am now considering RF micro needling.

*please note I’m not endorsing any treatments, just looking for information 


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Your skin looks great. I am not a doctor and seeking advise about your face should be taken with a grain of salt on the internet. Try scheduling a free consultation with a dermatologist, laser specialist or doctor who has knowledge in scars.

In my opinion, (again, not a doctor) TCA cross might help. But TCA cross has some pigmentation issues after such as redness and sometimes hyperpigmentation (brown pigment) so be aware... the pigment subsides depending on how your skin heals, less exposure to sun and/or using a prescribed lightening agent such as hydroquinone, and finally laser. TCA cross should be performed by a doctor because it could make skin issues worse. There are percentages (strengths) to TCA, the higher percent the more powerful it is. The highest percentage doesn’t always mean better results, a trained doctor or specialist should assess your scars and skin type and figure out what would be the best method to improve your scars. If your doctor performs TCA, wait a 1-3 months and see how your skin responds before moving forward with another treatment. TCA cross and perhaps a Co2 laser/resurfacing laser would help in improving your scars. This is my opinion, please see a doctor who has more knowledge. 

Try to stay away from permanent solutions such as Bellafill or skin sanding or fat grafts as permanent procedures are difficult to remedy after it’s done. Take it slow and steady. Again, this is my opinion. 

Further research about scar types and reading medical journals on google scholar about treatments to remedy scars will help you determine what is better for you than for example a doctor trying to make a quick buck out of you. Knowledge protects you. 

Finally, when you do want to proceed with a procedure, most doctors will try to tell you their top price to make the most money out of you with little benefit to you. Learn to negotiate and walk away if the doctor doesn’t compromise with you, there is always more doctors with similar level of experience/skill. Also, follow your intuition... if you do not trust or like a doctor, walk away you might be saving yourself trouble. Not all doctors are trustworthy and not all doctors will help you. 

This is probably not at all what you wanted but I wish someone told me this when I was starting this journey. 

You don’t need treatments by the way. Your skin looks good and you could go your whole life living just fine. This is more cosmetic and yes I can understand the desire to look your best but don’t let it ruin your happiness. Don’t go in debt for this. You are perfectly fine the way you are, sincerely. 

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